Custom Development

We are your extended development team who can build new products and services or enhance existing workflows on a statement of work (SOW) basis or a regular engagement.

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APIs / Integrations

We specialize in implementing microservices architecture and deploy in AWS cloud using modern technologies like Docker and Kubernates. 

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Robotic Process Automation

We can help increase productivity and efficiency by automating manual tedious processes of filling forms and navigating screens to create documents using "Bots".

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Govt. Of India has mandated companies with over $100M in annual revenue to generate e-Invoices for audit and transparency purposes.

Our team developed and implemented a cloud based middleware system that connects with customer's ERP and facilitates the creation of e-Invoices and other documents via secure integration with Govt. of India's e-Invoice portal.


Complex problems and workflows can be broken down into simpler and more manageable chunks trhough microservices (APIs) architecture. We have implemented numerous microservices on variety of problems.


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