IoT Platform

Highly Scalable, Multi-tenant, Deployed within minutes.


Platform Features

Device Management

Provision and manage devices at scale.

Rules Management

Custom rules for handling data from various different sensors and gateways.


Rich configurable dashboards providing real-time insights to support effective decision making.

Shift Management

Ability to define shifts to enable  overall equipment effectiveness and other key metrics by shifts both real-time and historically.

Downtime Codes Configuration

Planned Downtime, Un-Planned Downtime, Generic stops and ability to define various granular levels for effective downtime reporting.

Downtime Entry

Manually enter downtimes along with appropriate reason codes to help identify bottlenecks and improve productivity.

Digital Twin

Digital representation of the physical assets.

Data Historian

Advanced Analytics and data visualization on past historical data.

Predictive Maintenance

Using AI/ML models, enable Condition Based Maintenance (CBM )to avoid expensive downtimes.

Plug-&-Plan Edge Gateway

IP-65/67 rated gateway supports variety of communication protocols ranging from Modbus TCP/IP, Siemens s7 PLC, Ethernet IP, OPC UA and more. 

Over the air (OTA) configuration of tags allows for rapid deployment and connectivity of industrial equipment to the cloud.


The Digital Twin representation of the shop floor assets gives a live and a wholistic view of asset health and performance. 

Further via real-time alerts, customers can take proactive actions to prevent unplanned downtime.

Detailed Dashboard

Detailed Dashboards for individual data points can be setup within no time. This allows for troubleshooting and gaining insights into individual asset performance. 

Downtime Codes Management

Specify various levels and possible reasons for downtimes your site may experience. This helps with effective root cause analysis of overall plant effectiveness and ways to increase bottom line margins.

Downtime Analysis

Realtime downtime analysis via robust charts. You can filter by current shift, past shifts and even specific data range.

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